I know a secret
di Tess Gerritsen

I know a secret
di Tess Gerritsen

Review : I know a secret by Tess Gerritsen


I know a secret Tess Gerritsen

Detective Jane Rizzoli and the medical examiner Maura Isles are working with a new and atrocious crime. A ruthless killer wanders around Boston, his modus operandi leaves baffled by the brutality and ferocity, and seems the crime scenes are telling a story, a strange symbolism that contains a very specific message. It is up to them, Jane and Maura, to interpretate the killer’s message, extrapolate its meaning and follow its footsteps.

The investigations are struggling to give a face to the murderer who likes to tease the investigators with his murders strategy. Maura Isles poses herself many questions, it seems the victims have nothing in common, but something binds them. Then, what caused their death? No injury, no gunshot wounds, no blood, no strangulation, a real dilemma for the coroner.

These questions are tormenting Maura in a crucial moment of her private life, suffering for an impossible love and in conflict with her mother: a serial killer locked up in a maximum-security prison and terminally ill. A relationship denied by Maura, that woman, a ruthless murderer, manipulative and cruel, has only given birth but she feels a strange connection with her, and it will be her mother to show her a new track to follow.

The past: that is where the answers lie, things start having a shape, in a run-up against time, because the killer is following a precise plan.

What do the martyrs of Christian history have to do with it? Does the killer want to tell a story or just want to warn someone?

With a pressing rhythm, the author drags us into each character’s mind, digging through their past, giving us back corrupted identities by evil and greed. Many have paid the price, innocent victims, and now it is up to Jane and Maura to bring the truth face to light, because the monsters can have any shape and size, and the most dangerous are those that are not suspicious, those you think you can trust them.

Tess Gerritsen once again has not disappointed his readers, her dry, captivating writing fits perfectly with this story. A well-calibrated and not predictable plot, the reader is stimulated, feels involved, and challenged to solve the enigma. Overall a good book to read and give away.

Editor’s card

From Tess Gerritsen‘s pen, he arrives in the bookcases I know a secret, the new chapter of the saga dedicated to the detective Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles, which inspired the homonymous tv series.

Jane Rizzoli is called to the scene of a murder: Cassandra Coyle, a young filmmaker, is found dead in Boston, lying on a bed completely dressed. No one would say that it is a murder, at least for a chilling detail: the killer has put her own eyes in her hands. Rizzoli and Isles, called on the scene, after the autopsy understand the cause of death: she was first drugged with alcohol and ketamine, then suffocated. However, who, after killing her, got her eyes? After a while, a young man pierced by three arrows is found on a pier.

A similar murder: ketamine and alcohol, then suffocation. The deaths seem bounded, but what lies behind the strange symbolism of the eyes and arrows? Then the lighting: Maura remembers the Christian martyrs represented on the stained glass windows of the church that Daniel, her ex-boyfriend, used to attend; so she decides to contact him, awakening a love never really finished. Jane remains skeptical about that track, but when a case of alleged accidental death, caused by a fire a shortly before, turns out to be a homicide, it is impossible not to think about Giovanna d’Arco. But just when Jane and Maura think they have found the perverse mind behind the murders, the past that they believed buried returns to the surface.

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TESS GERRITSEN, after being a doctor with the writing passion, has become a well-known writer with a passion for medical thriller, a genre that she has renewed with unforgettable characters, especially in the series dedicated to the detective Jane Rizzoli and the anatomopathologist Maura Isles. Among the latest titles published by Longanesi: Ice cold/The killing place, Last to die, Die Again and in 2016 she published the stand-alone Playing with fire (2016) set in Italy.

I Know a Secret: (Rizzoli & Isles 12)
Tess Gerritsen
Editor: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Rizzoli & Isles
Book length 336
EAN: 9780593072462


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